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Hey, everyone! So you want to know more about me and my crazy life? I live in Northern Missouri on the farm my grandparents built and worked endlessly on with my 15 year old son and all of our wonderful animals. I am a go-getter, a bit hyper, a bit chatty, and very unique. I love to wear my boots and jeans. I thrive when I'm busy and am always going in a million directions. I'm definitely not your typical entrepreneur.
I got lucky and never once sent my son to daycare... well, unless you count that one time for maybe an hour. I felt so bad I promptly picked him up and he acted like I had scarred him for life. I know, we can't all do that... actually, we can if we want to and we should. Even though my boy is now a young man, him and I are most definitely inseparable and he will always be my world. 
About 10 years ago my son and I started a YouTube channel having fun talking about products and so our website, Giveaway Bandit (completely created off of my son's favorite movie Smokey and the Bandit), was born. Within a few weeks we were contacted by companies and it completely changed what I was set out to do with my life. Goodbye insurance license! I started a blog, branded myself and became very active on social media. And I started a social media marketing business that has continued to thrive...
Fast forward... I've traveled to 43 states and gotten paid to do it. I have met celebrities at red carpet events. I've attended after parties with Emilia Clark, Anna Kendrick, Sam Elliott, Ellen & Portia, Billy Bob Thornton, Chris Evans, and even hung out with The Muppets and Chewbacca. Yeah, I even got to dance with Ellen. Oh, and then there was that time I got invited to that iRadio party where I got to hang out with Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell.  I even got a thank you email from John Stamos after I met him. Gah! When I look at the list of people and companies I've gotten to work with I still can't believe it.
I've gotten paid to drive new vehicles, replaced every appliance in my home, partnered with companies like Best Buy, GMC, Kia, HP, Walmart, Target, HyVee, and so many more. I even got asked to create a recipe live, yes live, on the Kansas City local FOX4 news. 
I'm not a bragger, really, I'm not... but my point is that I've had the opportunity to do once-in-a-lifetime things and meet the most beautiful people. I've made some awesome friends along the way. And it's so completely possible for every one of you. If I can do it, so can you. I love traveling and creating content. I always get asked the same question: how do you get to do what you do?
It truly is a dream job.
So, I've worked on these courses creating this content for nearly two years to teach others exactly what it is that I do! This site was created to teach you how to blog and/or leverage your social media to make money and review products for companies. These days you don't even have to have a blog. You can do it all within your social media!
Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, influencer or just getting started, there’s something for all of you! I have courses for you to take individually to learn everything you need to get started with a blog, social media, or grow what you've already started.
Be sure you join my Inner Circle community to learn tips, strategies, and gain support. The Inner Circle gives you access to most of our courses, as well as resources and training. Plus, I'll be in there to help you one-on-one.
I share tips and advice I have learned from my nearly ten years of being a blogger and navigating the influencer space online. I’ll share behind-the-scenes strategies, the latest in social media, how to create a pr friendly blog, tips, tricks and more.
You too can do this!

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